VMware PEX Roadshow

  • Date: 08/01/2011
  • Categories: International, Meetings
  • Client: VMware

Audience: 50-250 partners per event, 27 global events in APAC + EMEA.

Objectives: Successfully re-create VMware PEX regionally, further develop brand loyalty with partners

Strategy: Maintain consistent VMware PEX brand + core messaging internationally
Tactic: Develop event toolbox containing: signage, print assets, videos, .pptx assets, comm’s/HTML’s, + How To manuals for site selection, event 101, etc. . .

Strategy: Monitor registration data for lead tracking
Tactic: Built 27 registration sites internationally, translated sites using 14 languages, managed all communications + requests

Results: Successfully tracked over 2,000 partner leads for CRM database


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