Bryan Allen Events is a boutique events production company that values quality over quantity + focuses on establishing top notch client relations.

Our talented team reflects confidence + attention to detail, with a thorough work ethic in all the projects we attain. We are experienced + enthusiastic about producing and coordinating events. We live for the excitement of taking on projects + giving the events + clients the utmost care. Each of our team members has extensive knowledge + poise in the industry while individually bringing something unique to the table.

We take pride in being a boutique agency + that is exactly what makes us unique. Through our focus on quality + attention to client satisfaction, our goal is to build longstanding relationships with our customers. We are always looking to improve our customers overall experience through feedback solicitation + ongoing communicating.

As a small agency, we also have the capacity to be socially + environmentally responsible. Bryan Allen Events utilizes digital tools such as Adobe EchoSign, Electronic Web documents + digital file management to eliminate waste. As a team we support local nonprofits + give back to our community as much as we can.


1900 S. Norfolk Street | Suite 350 | San Mateo, CA 94403 | o. 650 645 9660 | f. 650 644 0202